Batanes failure to use local port cost province P575K, says COA

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by Allan Yves Briones

Along the coast of Batanes up north, the Multi-Purpose Building Shelter Port, an extension of the Mahatao All Weather Fish port, has been lying dormant for the past three years which has, according to the Commission on Audit (COA), rendered the project ineffective and detrimental to the citizens of the province.

According to provincial records, the port was completed on December 2015, yet an investigation by state auditors revealed that it has been non-operational and unutilized, defeating its primary purpose of generating additional income for the province.

The port was a project of the former governor who converted original plans to just build a seawall into an income-generating project.

However, after three years of neglect, the tiny port has now sustained damages which would entail at least P575,000 in repairs, costing the local government contrary to its original objective. This included repairing the port’s plumbing, doors and windows and even its electrical work.

At least, according to the report, private individuals had shown interest in renting the area. Prior to that, however, repair and restoration would need to be conducted by the local government.

Management promised to undertake such repairs as necessary, and to continue monitoring until the proper utilization and operation of the port. #

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