Baguio proposes 5-year moratorium on tree-cutting

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The Baguio City council has proposed a five-year moratorium on tree-cutting activities to preserve and protect its natural environment.

Ordinances No. 0105-20, which would freeze all tree-cutting permits to allow a natural healing process to take place in the city’s surviving timberland, and No. 0021-21, which mandates the local government to preserve and manage all communal forests, tree parks, and watersheds and to establish new urban green zones are up for second reading in its local council.

According to the lgu, these measures are under the 2019 tree audit conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which showed that the city only has 2.5 million trees.

Based on an urban-carrying capacity report in 2020, Baguio City’s forest and green covers are no longer sufficient for its population (pegged at 366,358 in the 2020 census).

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