Baguio mayor reports ‘pranks, dropped calls as emergency hotline goes live

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The pilot run of Baguio City’s emergency hotline 911 was flooded by prank callers and dropped calls, Mayor Benjamin Magalong said.

In an appeal, the Politiko asked for the cooperation of the city’s residents and urged them ‘not to mess around’ with the line.

“It is expected that people would want to test the line out of curiosity and it is fine as long as you signify that these are test calls. However, if your intention is to jam the line, confuse or just play a trick to the responders, then please refrain from doing so,” he said.

Felipe Puzon, executive assistant of the City Mayor’s Office, said the Baguio 911 line had logged a total of 8,673 calls since its launch on October 12. He added that 3,038 of the total calls were dropped and 3,907 were tagged as prank calls.

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