Baby Arenas: Winning 3rd term is ‘rude awakening’ to rivals

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Pangasinan 3rd District Representative Baby Arenas has won a third term after the May 13 elections.

The Pangasinan politiko had 242,465 votes while her opponents, former Calasiao mayor Felipe de Vera received 41,653 votes and Jaime Aquino got 5,655.

Arenas said her election victory “is a rude awakening for losers.”

She also said it is also “a resounding wake-up call as well to winners to work harder and to value the mandate they received.”

“One must not depend on money or goods to give to the people during the campaign but must work non-stop, with or without elections,” Arenas said.

“There is work in the new challenges that needed to be overcome; there is work that calls us to meet the needs of others; there is work that must be done so that we can make this world a better place,” she added.

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