Allen Jesse Mangaoang lauds Kalinga LGUs for realigning budget for labor-based projects


Kalinga Representative Allen Jesse Mangaoang expressed his appreciation for the province’s local governments for realigning their 20% local development funds (LDF) into labor-based projects.

The Kalinga politiko explained the move will create jobs for the province’s construction workers and skilled workers.

Mangaoang also said construction workers and skilled workers won’t have to leave the province for their livelihood and thus contribute in stopping the spread of he coronavirus disease (COVID19).

He said he is hopeful that the construction jobs that will be created will sustain workers this year.

“We are elated that the different local governments agreed with our proposal to realign their programmed projects under their 20% local development funds to conform with the rules governing the implementation of projects by administration so that the labor will be hired on the project site,” Mangaoang said.

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