Allen Jesse Mangaoang: Cordillera autonomy bill will be priority when Congress resumes


Kalinga Representative Allen Jesse Mangaoang said Cordillera lawmakers will prioritize the passage of the Cordillera autonomy bill when Congress resumes on January 20.

The Kalinga politiko said Cordillera lawmakers filed House Bill No. 5687 last December 2 following some amendments to the old bill.

Mangaoang also said lawmakers from Visayas and Mindanao support Cordillera autonomy.

“The proposed autonomy bill continues to enjoy the support of our counterparts in Mindanao and the Visayas that is why we have to work double time to ensure that our proposal will be included in the bills that will be calendared by the House committee on local government,” he said.

Mangaoang also said that he wants the bill “passed at the earliest possible time so that we will not be overtaken by whatever supervening events in the future.”

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