Alicia Primicias-Enriquez eyes Pangasinan’s highest peak as next summer capital

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San Nicolas mayor-elect Alicia Primicias-Enriquez said she wants to develop Barangay Malico as the town’s own version of Baguio.

Mount Malico is the highest elevation in Pangasinan and reaches temperatures similar to Baguio.

The mountain barangay currently produces lettuces, cabbage, carrots, and strawberries.

Enriquez Barangay Malico could be an alternative summer destination for vacationers.

The construction of a concrete road going to the barangay is currently ongoing.

“May mga parts na concrete, may mga parts na hindi pa accessible. Ang puede lang dumaan doon ay SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles). Huwag yong car,” she said.

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