Abante babae! Gov Ortega-David breastfeeds baby at provincial capitol

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La Union Governor Rafy Ortega-David made a statement for all supermoms out there on her first day in office.

The North Luzon politiko breastfed her son right inside her office in the provincial capitol on her first full day as governor on Friday, July 1.

Ortega-David said she would not let her politiko duties get in the way of taking care of her baby.

“Today was my first full day as your Governor. It was one big whirlwind of activities and office visits (stay tuned for the next post!), but as a mom, I could not neglect the needs of my son,” said Ortega-David on Facebook.

“So here I am, sharing what seems to be a historic moment for La Union, the youngest, first woman, and first Governor of La Union to breastfeed her child while in office! I am proud to be a Governor of firsts! Expect so many wonderful firsts as we go along our Governance journey!” she added.

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