100-year-old Bunya pine inspires Mark Go to persevere for Baguio

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Baguio Representative Mark Go is always reminded about his mission to protect his city whenever he sees the 100-year-old Bunya Pine during his morning walks.

The politiko said this on Thursday, July 1, after informing his Facebook followers that his bill revising the charter of Baguio City is now on its final stages in the Senate.

“During my morning walks, every time I see this more or less 100 – year old Bunya Pine, I marvel at how this tree has been witnessing the changes through time. And I appreciate how it has unconditionally provided oxygen and shade. In turn, it is our duty to take care of this blessing,” said Go.

“Together with the many birds that perch upon it, we thank God for such a valuable and beautiful gift,” he added.

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